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Tom's House Renovation

Family House Construction

Wooden House Construction

Ohio Villa Construction

Ceramic Tile Replacement Renovation

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We've done more than 100 projects.

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Construction Planning

We will provide you with professional scheduling. You will be able to understand what is going to happen and when.


Kitchen Remodeling

Now is a perfect time to renovate your kitchen! We will work with your budget to suit your needs.


Hardwood Flooring

Winter is just around the corner. Hardwood floors could keep your house warm during the winter and cool when summer comes!


Bathroom Renovation

Get rid of your old bathroom! With today's variety of materials for bathroom remodeling, it is hard to resist the urge to have a new bathroom in your house!


Doors and Windows Replacement

It is extremely important for the safety of your house to have doors and windows in great shape!


Garage Restoration or Addition

Thinking about having your car covered from the rain? Or maybe you just need to expand the garage?


Roof Replacement or Restoration

Get your house covered! Say "No" to leaks and have your damaged roof replaced.


Fire and Water Damage Restoration

We will work with your insurance company in a best possible way!

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